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CLP / HK Electric Feed-in Tariff Scheme

We are entering and exciting era of smart use of energy nowadays. Everyone of us can play a role, big or small, in combating our climate change.

The Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff was starting from 1 October 2018, CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd (CLP) / 1 January 2019, Hong kong Electric Company (HK Electric), solar power owners can sell the electricity at HK$3 to HK$5 per kWh, which is relatively higher than current electricity price.

Such scheme is ongoing for 15 years until 2033, and about 3 to 4 years to breakeven the installation cost of solar power system, the owner can profit another 11 years with high price and afterward continue earning with normal electricity price.


Three types of FiT rates will be offered according to the generation capacity of your renewable energy system:

got money 1.png


per unit of electricity HK$5

got money 2.png


per unit of electricity HK$4

got money 3.png



per unit of electricity HK$3



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CLP- Feed-in Tariff Scheme



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HK Electic- Feed-in Tariff Scheme

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